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Neuraminidase sensitive antigenic determinants of plasma cell tumor membrane glycoproteins. 1975 PRAT M ;LANDOLFO S ;COMOGLIO PM
In vitro arming and blocking activity of sera from BALB/c mice bearing a spontaneous transplantable adenocarcinoma. 1977 LANDOLFO S ;GIOVARELLI M ;FORNI G
Two mechanisms of migration inhibition factor induction by tumour antigens. 1977 Landolfo S; Herberman RB; Holden HT.
Cellular immunity to murine sarcoma virus-induced tumors as measured by macrophage migration inhibition assay. 1977 Landolfo S; Herberman RB; Holden HT.
Is antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity an important mechanism of resistance to tumors in vivo? 1978 CAVALLO G ;GIOVARELLI M ;FORNI G ;LANDOLFO S
Macrophage-lymphocyte interaction in migration inhibition factor (MIF) production against soluble or cellular tumor-associated antigens. I. Characteristics and genetic control of two different mechanisms of stimulating MIF production. 1978 Landolfo S; Herberman RB; Holden HT.
Source of tumor cells influences their immune recognition by H-2-matched mice. 1979 FORNI G ;VARESIO L ;GIOVARELLI M ;LANDOLFO S
Basi biologiche dell'immunoterapia in oncologia: risultati e prospettive 1979 G. Cavallo; S. Landolfo; M.Giovarelli; G.Forni
H-2-restriction and Ia-dependence of the efficient immune recognition of minor histocompatibility antigens in vivo 1979 Forni, G., Giovarelli, M., Negro-Ponzi, A., Landolfo, S.
Lymphokine production in mouse mixed lymphocyte reaction (MLR) - II. Tentative mapping of murine alloantigens activating migration inhibition factor and interferon release and their relationship with those, activating proliferative response 1979 Landolfo, S., Marcucci, F., Giovarelli, M., Viano, I., Forni, G.
Alloantigen requirements for nonproliferative activation of t lymphocytes. 1979 LANDOLFO S ;GIOVARELLI M ;FORNI G
Suppression of proliferative response and lymphokine production during the progression of a spontaneous tumor. 1979 VARESIO L ;GIOVARELLI M ;LANDOLFO S ;FORNI G
Lymphokine production in primary mixed lymphocyte culture (MLC). III. Alloantigen signals cell-cell interactions involved in migration inhibition factor and immune interferon release. 1979 LANDOLFO S ;GIOVARELLI M ;CAPUSSO A ;FORNI G
Enhancement versus tumor resistance induced by different levels of immunodepression in BALB/c mice with protozoan infections. 1979 LANDOLFO S ;GIOVARELLI M ;MARTINOTTI MG ;VARESIO L ;CAPPUCCINELLI P
Interaction of H-2 and non-H-2 genes in spontaneous resistance to adenocarcinoma ADK-1t in F1 mice. 1980 FORNI G ;SERRATI G ;GIORDANO L ;GIOVARELLI M ;RENDINE S ;LANDOLFO S
Does macrophage production of interferon after alloantigen stimulation depend on factors from activated T lymphocytes? 1980 LANDOLFO S ;MARCUCCI F ;GIOVARELLI M ;FORNI G
Natural cell-mediated cytotoxicity against Trichomonas vaginalis in the mouse. I. Tissue, strain, age distribution, and some characteristics of the effector cells. 1980 Landolfo S; Martinotti MG; Martinetto P; Forni G.
How membrane antigens are recognized by host immune system 1980 G. Forni; M. Giovarelli; L. Varesio; S. Landolfo
The macrophage as the social interconnection within the immune system. 1980 VARESIO L ;LANDOLFO S ;GIOVARELLI M ;FORNI G
Immune depression in Trypanosoma brucei brucei infected mice. Sequential histological and immunological findings. 1981 MARTINOTTI MG ;FORNI M ;DEL MONTE AM ;GIOVARELLI M ;FORNI G ;LANDOLFO S
Lyt phenotype of T-lymphocytes producing migration inhibitory factor (MIF) in primary murine mixed lymphocyte culture. 1981 GIOVARELLI M ;MARTINOTTI MG ;CAVALLO GP ;LANDOLFO S
Trichomonas vaginalis: dependence of resistance among different mouse strains upon the non-H-2 gene haplotype, sex, and age of recipient hosts. 1981 Landolfo S; Martinotti MG; Martinetto P; Forni G; Rabagliati AM.
Meccanismi di riconoscimento immunitario di antigeni espressi sulla menbrana delle cellule tumorali 1981 G. Forni; M. Giovarelli; L. Lanfrancone; S. Landolfo
Mechanism of T lymphocyte recognition of various membrane antigens 1981 Giovarelli M; Landolfo S; Sarzotti M; Martinotti MG; Forni G
Rous sarcoma virus-induced tumors in mice--I. Macrophage-mediated natural cytotoxicity. 1982 GIOVARELLI M ;LANDOLFO S ;WHITMORE AC ;FORNI G
Immune (y) interferon production by murine T cell lymphomas. 1982 Landolfo S; Arnold B; Suzan M.
Production of immune interferon is regulated by more than T cell subset: Lyt-1,2,3 and Qat-5 phenotypes of murine T lymphocytes involved in IFN-gamma production in primary and secondary mixed lymphocyte reaction. 1982 Landolfo S; Kirchner H; Simon MM.
Immune recognition of tumor cells in vivo. I. Role of H-2 gene products in T lymphocyte activation against minor histocompatibility antigens displayed by adenocarcinoma cells. 1982 Forni G; Landolfo S; Giovarelli M; Whitmore AC; Herberman RB.
Distinct alloantigens trigger proliferative or nonproliferative T lymphocyte activation in CBA/N, CBA/J, and C3H mice. 1982 GIOVARELLI M ;LANDOLFO S ;SCHER I ;FORNI G
Immune (gamma) interferon production by a murine T cell lymphoma: requirements for macromolecular synthesis and lack of relationship with cell cycle. 1983 Sarzotti M; Landolfo S; Dianzani F.
Comparison with monoclonal anti-Ia antibodies of antigenic determinants inducing lymphocyte proliferation and immune interferon production in primary and secondary murine mixed lymphocyte reactions. 1983 Landolfo S; Kirchner H.
Mouse immune interferon enhances fibronectin production of elicited macrophages. 1984 Cofano F; Comoglio PM; Landolfo S; Tarone G.
Evaluation of absorption with Limulus amebocyte lysate to remove contaminating endotoxin from interferon and lymphokine preparations. 1984 Biondi A; Landolfo S; Fumarola D; Polentarutti N; Introna M; Mantovani A.
On the molecular basis of T helper cell function. III. B-lymphocyte promotor factors: production by T hybridoma and tumour cells; preliminary biochemical characterization. 1984 Rubin B; Reininger L; Suzan M; Fueri J; Denizot F; Landolfo S; Gamble J; Lonai P.
Monoclonal antibodies against murine gamma interferon. 1984 PRAT M ;GRIBAUDO G ;COMOGLIO PM ;CAVALLO G ;LANDOLFO S
Monoclonal antibodies against murine IFN-gamma. 1984 PRAT M.; G. GRIBAUDO; COMOGLIO P.M.; CAVALLO G.; LANDOLFO S.
Intraperitoneal administration of interferon beta in ovarian cancer patients. 1985 Rambaldi A; Introna M; Colotta F; Landolfo S; Colombo N; Mangioni C; Mantovani A.
Eradication of established fibrosarcoma by local injections of small amount of interferon-gamma and lymphocytes from tumor bearing mice: Role of host immune reactivity 1985 Giovarelli M; Jemma C; Gribaudo G; Cofano F; Landolfo S; Caretto A; Vecchi A; Forni G
Monoclonal antibodies to murine interferon-gamma: affinity purification and molecular characterization of murine interferon-gamma. 1985 Gribaudo G; Cofano F; Prat M; Landolfo S.
Enhancing effect of IFN-gamma on helper T cell activity and IL 2 production. 1985 Frasca D; Adorini L; Landolfo S; Doria G.
Lack of inhibition of mitogen-induced lymphoproliferation by interferon gamma. 1985 Pischedda F; Landolfo S; Kirchner H.
On the molecular basis of T-helper-cell function. IV. B-lymphocyte-promotor factors: on their mode of action, biochemical nature and possible relationship to molecules involved in specific T-helper-cell activity. 1985 Reininger L; Fueri J; Boned A; Prat M; Landolfo S; Rubin B.
Role of reactive oxygen intermediates in the interferon-mediated depression of hepatic drug metabolism and protective effect of N-acetylcysteine in mice. 1985 Ghezzi P; Bianchi M; Gianera L; Landolfo S; Salmona M.
Interferon-gamma plays a crucial role in T lymphocyte reaction against alloantigens. 1985 LANDOLFO S ;COFANO F ;GIOVARELLI M ;PRAT M ;CAVALLO G ;FORNI G
Inhibition of interferon-gamma may suppress allograft reactivity by T lymphocytes in vitro and in vivo. 1985 LANDOLFO S ;COFANO F ;GIOVARELLI M ;PRAT M ;CAVALLO G ;FORNI G
Natural murine interferon-gamma. Evidence for post-translational proteolytic processing. 1985 Gribaudo G; Cofano F; Prat M; Baiocchi C; Cavallo G; Landolfo S.
Role of Interferon-gamma in T-Lymphocyte activation. 1986 Landolfo S; Simon M; Prat M; Cofano F; Giovarelli M; Forni G; Cavallo G
Binding of murine 125I-labelled natural interferon-gamma to murine cell receptors. 1986 Cofano F; Fassio A; Cavallo G; Landolfo S.
Lymphokine production in T gamma lymphoproliferative disorders. 1986 Rambaldi A; Rossi V; Allavena P; Introna M; Landolfo S; Bassan R; Barbui T; Mantovani A.
Monoclonal antibodies to interferon-gamma inhibit interleukin 2-dependent induction of growth and maturation in lectin/antigen-reactive cytolytic T lymphocyte precursors. 1986 Simon MM; Hochgeschwender U; Brugger U; Landolfo S.
Interferon-activated tumor inhibition in vivo. Small amounts of interferon-gamma inhibit tumor growth by eliciting host systemic immunoreactivity. 1986 GIOVARELLI M ;COFANO F ;VECCHI A ;FORNI M ;LANDOLFO S ;FORNI G
Monoclonal antibodies against murine IFN-gamma abrogate in vivo tumor immunity against RSV-induced murine sarcomas. 1987 PRAT M ;BRETTI S ;AMEDEO M ;LANDOLFO S ;COMOGLIO PM
Activation of protein kinase C down-regulates IFN-gamma receptors. 1987 Fassio A; Cofano F; Cavallo G; Landolfo S.
Interferon-gamma inhibits cell replication, but not pp60src activity of RSV-transformed fibroblasts. 1987 GRIBAUDO G ;DI RENZO F ;NALDINI L ;COMOGLIO PM ;CAVALLO G ;LANDOLFO S
Time-dependent differential effects of natural and recombinant murine interferon-gamma on ornithine decarboxylase activity of tumor cells. 1987 Gandino L; Gribaudo G; Ghezzi P; Landolfo S.
Monoclonal antibody against IFN-gamma inhibits Moloney murine sarcoma virus-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte differentiation. 1988 Zanovello P; Vallerani E; Biasi G; Landolfo S; Collavo D.
Enhancement of suppressor T cell activity by injection of anti-IFN-gamma monoclonal antibody. 1988 Frasca D; Adorini L; Landolfo S; Doria G.
Interferon-gamma is not an antiviral, but a growth-promoting factor for T lymphocytes. 1988 Landolfo S; Gariglio M; Gribaudo G; Jemma C; Giovarelli M; Cavallo G.
Obligatory role of IFN-gamma in induction of lymphokine-activated and T lymphocyte killer activity, but not in boosting of natural cytotoxicity. 1988 GIOVARELLI M ;SANTONI A ;JEMMA C ;MUSSO T ;GIUFFRIDA AM ;CAVALLO G ;LANDOLFO S ;FORNI G
Characterization of cytoplasmic and nuclear polypeptides induced by interferon-gamma in a murine pre-B cell leukemia. 1989 Franco A; Fizzotti M; Gariglio M; Gribaudo G; Cavallo G; Landolfo S.
Inhibition of interferon-gamma antiviral and antiproliferative activities by ras oncogene expression. 1989 Gariglio M; Gribaudo G; Franco A; Pierotti MA; Cavallo G; Landolfo S.
Natural antibodies to IFN-gamma in man and their increase during viral infection. 1990 Caruso A; Bonfanti C; Colombrita D; De Francesco M; De Rango C; Foresti I; Gargiulo F; Gonzales R; Gribaudo G; Landolfo S; et al.
Prevention of diabetes in BB/Wor rats treated with monoclonal antibodies to interferon-gamma. 1990 Nicoletti F; Meroni PL; Landolfo S; Gariglio M; Guzzardi S; Barcellini W; Lunetta M; Mughini L; Zanussi C.
Affinity purification, peptide analysis, and cDNA sequence of the mouse interferon gamma receptor. 1990 Cofano F; Moore SK; Tanaka S; Yuhki N; Landolfo S; Appella E.
Cell and type specificity of interferon action. Unusual characteristics of the transcriptional control of gene expression by interferon-gamma in T cells 1990 G. GRIBAUDO; GARIGLIO M.; CAVALLO G.; LANDOLFO S.
Cell and type specificity of interferon action. Unusual characteristics of the transcriptional control of gene expression by interferon-gamma in T cells. 1990 Gribaudo G; Gariglio M; Cavallo G; Landolfo S.
Interferon action: binding of viral RNA to the 40-kilodalton 2’-5’ Oligoadenylate Syntetase in Interferon-treated HeLa cells infected with Encephalomyocarditis virus 1991 G. GRIBAUDO; LEMBO D.; CAVALLO G.; LANDOLFO S.; LENGYEL P.
Natural human antibodies to gamma interferon interfere with the immunomodulating activity of the lymphokine. 1992 Turano A; Balsari A; Viani E; Landolfo S; Zanoni L; Gargiulo F; Caruso A.
Impaired transcription of the poly rI:rC- and interferon-activatable 202 gene in mice and cell lines from the C57BL/6 strain. 1992 Gariglio M; Panico S; Cavallo G; Divaker C; Lengyel P; Landolfo S.
Regulation of the 202 gene expression by interferons in L929 cells. 1992 Lembo D; Gaboli M; Caliendo A; Falciani F; Garattini E; Landolfo S.
The murine IFN-gamma receptor does not transduce the activation signal to a murine promoter in human cells 1992 Lembo D; Cofano F; Cavallo G; Landolfo S.
Molecular cloning of interferon-gamma inducible genes from a murine pre-B cell leukemia. 1992 GRIBAUDO G ;CALIENDO A ;LEMBO D ;CAVALLO R ;LANDOLFO S
Effect of interferon-alpha on immediate early gene expression of murine cytomegalovirus. 1993 MARTINOTTI MG ;GRIBAUDO G ;GARIGLIO M ;CALIENDO A ;LEMBO D ;ANGERETTI A ;CAVALLO R ;LANDOLFO S
Mouse soluble IFN gamma receptor as IFN gamma inhibitor. Distribution, antigenicity, and activity after injection in mice. 1993 Ozmen L; Gribaudo G; Fountoulakis M; Gentz R; Landolfo S; Garotta G.
Interferons inhibit onset of murine cytomegalovirus immediate-early gene transcription. 1993 G. GRIBAUDO; RAVAGLIA S.; CALIENDO A.; GARIGLIO M.; CAVALLO R.; MARTINOTTI M.G.; LANDOLFO S.
[Serum stimulates the transcriptional activity of the enhancer of the immediate-early genes of the murine cytomegalovirus through p21 ras] 1994 ANGERETTI A ;LEMBO D ;CAVALLO R ;GARIGLIO M ;GRIBAUDO G ;LANDOLFO S
[Protein p53 inhibits the activity of the enhancer of the immediate-early genes of murine cytomegalovirus] 1994 LEMBO D ;ANGERETTI A ;CAVALLO R ;GARIGLIO M ;GRIBAUDO G ;LANDOLFO S
Presence of murine retroviral sequences in human cell line transplanted in immunosuppressed SCID-mice. 1994 CAVALLO R ;VALENTE G ;JEMMA C ;GRIBAUDO G ;LANDOLFO S ;CAVALLO G
Characterization of nuclear factors involved in 202 gene induction by interferon-alpha in murine leukemia cells. 1994 GARIGLIO M.; GABOLI M.; MANA C.; YING G.G.; G. GRIBAUDO; CAVALLO R.; LANDOLFO S.
Trans-activation of the mouse cytomegalovirus immediate early gene enhancer by ras oncogenes 1994 LEMBO D; ANGERETTI A; FORESTA P; GRIBAUDO G; GARIGLIO M; LANDOLFO S.
cAMP response element of murine cytomegalovirus IE enhancer is transactivated by ras oncogenes 1995 GABOLI M.; ANGERETTI A.; LEMBO D.; GARIGLIO M.; G. GRIBAUDO; LANDOLFO S.
Constitutive expression of the interferon-inducible protein p202 in NIH 3T3 cells affects cell cycle progression. 1995 LEMBO D ;ANGERETTI A ;BENEFAZIO S ;HERTEL L ;GARIGLIO M ;NOVELLI F ;LANDOLFO S
Modulation of HIV-LTR activity by ras oncogenes. 1995 LEMBO D ;ANGERETTI A ;GABOLI M ;CAVALLO R ;LANDOLFO S
Mechanisms of viral inhibition by interferons 1995 Landolfo S; Gribaudo G; Angeretti A; Gariglio M.
Interferon-alpha inhibits the murine cytomegalovirus immediate-early gene expression by down-regulating NF-kappa B activity. 1995 G. GRIBAUDO; RAVAGLIA S.; GABOLI M.; GARIGLIO M.; CAVALLO R.; LANDOLFO S.
Host genotype controls the ability of the ISGF3 complex to activate transcription of IFN-inducible genes. 1996 Gariglio M; Foresta P; Ying GG; Gaboli M; Lembo D; Landolfo S.
Mouse macrophages carrying both the subunits of the human IFN-gamma receptor respond to human IFN-gamma but do not acquire full protection against viral cytopathic effect. 1996 D. LEMBO; RICCIARDI P.; ALBER G.; OZMEN L.; LANDOLFO S.; BLUTHMANN H.; DEMBIC Z.; KOTENKO S.; COOK J.R.; PESTKA S.; GAROTTA G.
The murine cytomegalovirus immediate-early 1 protein stimulates NF-kappa B activity by transactivating the NF-kappa B p105/p50 promoter. 1996 G. GRIBAUDO; RAVAGLIA S.; GUANDALINI L.; CAVALLO R.; GARIGLIO M.; LANDOLFO S.
Molecular cloning and expression of a novel Interferon-inducible protein encoded by a 203 gene from the 200 cluster. 1997 G. GRIBAUDO; RAVAGLIA S; GUANDALINI L; RIERA L; GARIGLIO M; LANDOLFO S
Suppression of high mobility group protein T160 expression impairs mouse cytomegalovirus replication. 1997 Gariglio M; Foresta P; Sacchi C; Lembo M; Hertel L; Landolfo S.
The high-mobility group protein T160 binds to both linear and cruciform DNA and mediates DNA bending as determined by ring closure. 1997 Gariglio M; Ying GG; Hertel L; Gaboli M; Clerc RG; Landolfo S.
The murine homolog of the HIN 200 family, Ifi 204, is constitutively expressed in myeloid cells and selectively induced in the monocyte/macrophage lineage 1998 M. GARIGLIO; M. DE ANDREA; M. LEMBO; M. RAVOTTO; C. ZAPPADOR; G. VALENTE; S. LANDOLFO
Murine cytomegalovirus induces expression and enzyme activity of dihydrofolate reductase in quiescent cells 1998 D. LEMBO; ANGERETTI A.; GARIGLIO M.; LANDOLFO S.
The murine homolog of the HIN 200 family, IFI 204, is constitutively expressed in myeloid and lymphoid tissues and selectively induced in the monocyte/macrophage lineage 1998 Gariglio; M; Lembo M; Ravotto M; Zappador C; De Andrea M; Hertel L; Landolfo S.
The Ifi 200 genes: an emerging family of IFN-inducible genes 1998 LANDOLFO S.; GARIGLIO M.; G. GRIBAUDO; LEMBO D.
Human cytomegalovirus stimulates cellular dihydrofolate reductase activity in quiescent cells. 1999 D. LEMBO; GRIBAUDO G.; CAVALLO R.; RIERA L.; ANGERETTI A.; HERTEL L.; LANDOLFO S.
Overexpression of cellular dihydrofolate reductase abolishes the anticytomegaloviral activity of methotrexate 1999 LEMBO D;CAVALLO R;CORNAGLIA M;MONDO A;HERTEL L;ANGERETTI A;LANDOLFO S
The HMG protein T160 colocalizes with DNA replication foci and is down-regulated during cell differentiation. 1999 Hertel L; De Andrea M; Bellomo G; Santoro P; Landolfo S; Gariglio M.
Demonstration of multiple HPV types in laryngeal premalignant lesions using polymerase chian reaction and immunohistochemistry. 1999 Azzimonti B; Hertel L; Aluffi P; Pia F; Monga G; Zocchi M; Landolfo S; Gariglio M.
The antiproliferative activity of the murine interferon-inducible Ifi 200 proteins depends on the presence of two 200 amino acid domains. 1999 GRIBAUDO G.; RIERA L.; M. DE ANDREA; LANDOLFO S.
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